Top Tech Under Rs. 1000: Gadgets and Accessories

Leaf Bass Headphones

Leaf is slowly becoming a well-known brand in the budget audio segment. The Bass Headphones is a great buy for anyone looking for a good option under Rs. 1,000. It features a lightweight and comfortable design which makes it easy to be worn for longer periods. The controls for music and calls are placed on the earcup and the advertised battery life is around 10 hours. In terms of audio quality, the headset gets surprisingly loud and has a good amount of bass, hence the name. The Leaf Bass Headphones are truly one of the best Top Tech items under Rs. 1,000.

Flame LED Speaker
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

The Flame LED Speakers is one of the best looking speakers you can buy for the price. Just look at those lights! There are multiple controls on the top of the device which lets the users control the music playback and adjust the light on the speakers. It also has a handle which lets users carry it with ease as the product is itself lightweight. In terms of sound quality, the Flame LED speaker gets really loud, with decent bass and mids. The lows are where it gets muddy, but the output and looks are enough to make it in the Top Tech items under Rs. 1,000.

Mini Tripod
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

Photographers assemble! The Mini tripod is one of the best gadgets under Rs. 1,000 if you’re into mobile photography. There are quite a few varieties of tripod available from the seller, which can be enough for every kind of photographer. The product is foldable and sturdy and can handle the weight of a typical smartphone with ease. It is a good product if you want to click hands-free selfies and some convenience added to your photography experience. 

Cooling Gamepad
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

For all you PUBG Mobile gamers out there, the Cooling Gamepad was made for you. The device features an internal battery for charging your smartphone on the go. And for those long gaming sessions, it has an inbuilt fan for keeping the handset cool in case of overheating. The gamepad has a good grip and two shoulder buttons that can be used to trigger on-screen controls with ease. It makes playing PUBG Mobile a console-like experience and elevates your feeling of victory when you win a Chicken Dinner. It a good Top Tech product under the Rs. 1,000 budget.

Gadget Bag
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

The Gadget Bag by House of Quirk is a great product to keep all your important tech products organised. It features a plethora of pockets that can store various items of different sizes inside. The bag is also shockproof and waterproof, so you can use it without worrying. It is a great Top Tech item for gifting as well.

Magnet Holder
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

In life, a little organisation is always important. That’s where the Siltree magnet holder arrives into play. It features eight strong magnets which can be used to hold electronic devices like smartphones and tablets on a flat surface. Furthermore, it is also a great accessory for use inside a car, as a smartphone can easily be placed on top of it without the worry of it falling.

Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

It is officially summer and the USB Fan is a perfect fit for the season. It features a portable and stylish design which blends into the environment perfectly. Furthermore, it has touch controls on the stand which can be used to turn the fan on or off or adjusting its speed. While the cooling is not perfect due to its small and compact form factor, but it is commendable and should be enough for occasional use. 

Mi Laptop Backpack
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

The Xiaomi Mi Backpack, like other products from the company, is an affordable alternative in backpacks. It has a stylish design with a major pocket that can house laptops and notebooks with ease. The bag is also water resistant so it can survive a life in the real world. It is a great top tech product under the budget of Rs. 1,000.

I9 Truly Wireless Earphones
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

Want AirPods but are on a budget? The I9 Truly Wireless Earphones are here for you. It features a design reminiscent of the Apple AirPods which makes them look way more premium than they have any right to be. The case of the headsets is also similar to Apple’s offering, with a similar deisgn and size. It can be charged via a USB Type C port and the earphones themselves sound good for the price. They have a punchy bass and medium treble.

Claw A2 Retro Speaker
Top Tech Under Rs. 1,000

The cute little Claw A2 Retro Speaker is one of the best looking products in the price range. Besides providing a strong nostalgia of classic radio, the speakers feature a very compact and good looking design. It has all the control on the outside and has a 1000 mAh battery inside for a long listening time. In terms of sound quality, it sounds great for the price. The speakers have a loud and clear output, with a balanced sound altogether.

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